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Our mission at the IWG is to bring together women with international backgrounds living in Franconia.  We believe that sharing experiences is an integral part of integrating into a new environment and making friends.  Towards this purpose, we organize a wide variety of events with English as our common language.

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Expat in Nuremberg...?

Lonely in Herzogenaurach...?

In Erlangen, missing your girlfriends...?

Become a member of IWG in Franconia, Germany! Women of diverse origins united by friendship. We meet, have fun and support each other.

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Our diverse group is over 200 members strong, representing more than 40 countries. If you have an interest in meeting other women with international backgrounds and/or have recently relocated to this area, we look forward to welcoming you to our group!

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To join the IWG now, register online.  You are also welcome to attend an event or two as our guest even if you're not a member of IWG (yet)!


For IWG events, please go to our Facebook page. You can view the details there and register. 

Here's a list of the events for quick reference:

  • Coffee Morning Herzogenaurach. 19th Dec 2018 
  • New Years Lunch - 11th Jan 2019 
  • Musical Healing Evening (Hosts=Linda & Meilin) - 18th Jan 2019
  • Valentine's Evening - 12th Feb 2019 
  • Annual Meeting + International Women's Day Celebration - 7th March 2019 
  • Ladies night out- 5th April 2019 


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