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Women can accomplish amazing things when we support one another 


Linda M. Eviston

Linda is passionate about supporting women especially those not as fortunate as ourselves. She is the organiser of "Women supporting Women" and "Women's Entrepreneur Meetup Metropole Nürnberg" so if you have any ideas or wish to present something please contact her.

Linda initiated our IWG Art Exhibition at the Galleria Treppenhaus in 2011. This exhibition is annually in June so please feel free to contact Linda or an Events Coordinator if you wish to exhibit.

If you have any new suggestions for the group or would like to join the Team or the Events Committee please feel free to contact her. 0172 8998 227 or info@mindbodysoulwellness.de

Linda was born in Vancouver, Canada and later moved to her parent's homeland Ireland, where she met her German husband Michael and has been living between the “Fränkische Schweiz” and Ireland since then. She loves the peace and closeness to nature that living in the countryside offers.

Her healing and spiritual journey started in the late 70's when she adopted a meatless lifestyle, which she and her three children, Christian, Jacqueline and Victoria still follow.

Linda has a holistic practice offering Transformational Therapies in English & German at her private practice in Schloss Guttenburg, 25 mins from Erlangen & Nuremberg.

Contact: Iwgfranconia@gmail.com or info@mindbodysoulwellness.de


Ornela Prskalo

Born & raised on  the West coast of Croatia, Ornela  is always caught somewhere between reminiscing about her last trip & planning her next. She has graduated Journalism and worked 4 years as a reporter for one of the leading daily  newspaper Covering  a wide range of daily news and current affairs, including career of war reporter in Balkan war, before joining her husband in the Middle East. She continued her writing  in Kuwait and Dubai but also developed her career in Events & Operations Management and Senior administration roles, including her work for one of the major non-profit organisations in the world.

She was also a contributor to diplomatic magazine “Corps Diplomatique Croatia”

Her likes include passion for travelling and exploring. Being a foodie, she spends a good amount of time cooking and  recording her recipes and  entertaining family and friends and creating beautiful home spaces, decorating, gardening and antiques.

While Ornela’s travels have taken her around the world, and she enjoys chasing the summers and is always lured by the sea and sunsets -from lush rainforests and rice fields in Bali to floating in Dead Sea and meeting Bedouins in Jordan, to Thailand, Malaysia, Seychelles ,Maldives and many more destinations), she enormously loves exploring her own backyard and getting back to its magnificent nature here in Germany. 

Contact : Iwgfranconia@gmail.com


Amy Watson 

Amy Watson is a former solicitor and a busy mum of 3 wonderful daughters who has developed a keen interest in fitness and nutrition. Amy is passionate about helping and supporting people in finding what forms of exercise and nutrition work best for them.

If you have any new event suggestions for the group or would like to host an event or join the Events Committee please feel free to contact Amy.

Amy Watson Nutrition & Fitness Coaching


Contact : amyv_lee@hotmail.com


Christine Hehl Dalla Zuanna 

Christine got a MBA in Marketing and worked 15 years in the luxury business between France, Canada and Spain. Then she took advantage of a big change in her life (maternity and expatriation) to set herself a new challenge: writing. She started with short stories and a novel and went on with interviews and articles. She also took photography classes to combine both passions and published two photoreportages in India. 

After 25 years on the move, Christine and her family settled down in Germany in 2018. She is a freelancer in writing and photography. She can work in French, English, Spanish and German.

Website:  https://www.giulia-larigaldie.com/ 

Contact: Iwgfranconia@gmail.com


Neena Kiss

Neena rolled up her sleeves and got on board running from her first meeting with the IWG which was co-incidentally the night of the Annual Board Election Meeting. She volunteered and was elected treasurer for 2018-19.

Neena was born and lived in India till 2016 when she moved to Germany and launched her ventures, Diva Odysseys and Diva Localization . She's a woman of varied interests with a Masters Degree in archaeology, a banking career most of her corporate life, and a passion for travel which is now also her vocation.

Neena's earlier career included roles at AT&T, HDFC Bank and IndusInd Bank among others. She is a feminist and supports projects dedicated to women empowerment.

During her term with IWG, Neena plans to apply her experience to the Club’s projects and finances. Along with work, she also hopes to build new friendships and connect with genuine and passionate people.


History of the IWG

The International Women's Group (IWG) was founded in 1995 by 8 women of different nationalities. In the beginning, the women met informally to exchange their experiences of living "abroad" and share useful information about their host country of Germany. As the number of international employees of companies such as INA, Puma, Siemens and others increased, the membership of the IWG increased as well. With this growth, the IWG found a more formal structure necessary. Therefore, in October 2000, the group was officially registered as a non-profit organization and a board consisting of seven members was established.

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